Your Source for Custom Wood Doors & Pre-Hung Doors in Kansas

We specialize in wood doors, hollow metal doors, and custom wood doors. We stock wood doors from American, Algoma, and Steves in red oak, white oak, birch, white birch, cherry, and white maple in many different sizes in height and width.

If we do not stock the door you are looking for, we can order them or custom make a wood door to fit your needs. Our custom doors are made locally in Kansas City, and we machine both wood doors and wood frames in our shop located in Olathe, KS, so most anything can be made to fit your personal needs. Prefinished wood doors are also available at your request.

Fire rated doors are common from a 20 minute UL rating to a 90 minute UL rating. We are a member of the Warnock Hershey Mark, which gives us the ability to tag the fire doors that we sell and machine for the ratings you need for your jobs. We also sell fire rated wood frames for fire applications.

We make pre-hung door units for every need, from solid particle doors to hollow core interior doors for homes and apartments. Our shop has many different species of wood that we can use to create your pre-hung door.

Hollow metal doors are stocked in many different widths from 2’0″ to 4’0″ and heights of 6’8″ to 8’0″. We primarily use the Mesker layout in 18ga, but we do also have Ceco, Steelcraft, and Republic, though many of the sizes are a bit more selective once you get away from the Mesker layout. If you need a hollow metal door and you’re unsure of the layout, we can take your information and see if we have that door in stock.

We always have the ability to order any gauge of door and frame that you need. Standard stock frame material is 16ga and doors are 18ga, but we can order in any other gauge that your job requires. We have a full weld shop that has the ability to cut in preps for hardware in our Olathe location.

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