Seat Cover Dispenser – Diplomat Series


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Model 5A40-11 — Surface-Mounted Bradex® Diplomat Series 250 Capacity Product Materials UNIT: 0.036-inch/20ga.-(0.92 mm) stainless steel with exposed surfaces in architectural satin finish. Welded construction with seamless corners and burr-free edges. Capacity 250 standard single-fold or half-fold toilet seat covers. Operation Cabinet bottom hinged for easy filling. Tumbler lock keyed like other Bradley units. Unit has spring clip dispensing mechanism. Installation Secure unit to wall or toilet partition with mounting screws (not included) at holes provided. Guide Specification Surface-mounted seat cover dispenser, with face formed with contemporary contours, radii, and finish matching related accessories in manufacturer’s designer series. Capacity 250 standard single-fold or half-fold toilet seat covers. Equipped with spring clip dispensing mechanism and bottom-hinged service door with keyed tumbler lock. Universal keying. Formed from stainless steel sheet with satin finish on exposed surfaces, fully welded, with seamless corners and burrfree edges: cabinet and door 0.036-inch / 20-ga. thick. Overall dimensions: 17⁵⁄₈”W x 12¹⁄₁₆”H x 1³⁄₄”D. 175⁄8″ (448 mm) 131⁄2″ (343 mm) 13⁄4″ (43 mm) 121⁄16″ (306 mm) 95⁄16″ (237mm) 65⁄16″ (160 mm) For information on Warranties, Maintenance and BAA/ARRA Compliance, visit our web site at: MasterFormat Title: Commercial Toilet Accessories MasterFormat Number: 10 28 13.13 OmniClass Title: Toilet and Bath Specialties OmniClass Code:

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