We stock many different brands of hardware, including, Schlage and Corbin, as well as our house brands, Design and Cal-Royal. We stock hinges, locks, closers, panics, panic trim, wall stops, floor stops, and hold open arms for closers in many different colors, including 26D (brushed chrome), 10B (oil rubbed bronze), US3 (bright brass), and many more.

We have been using Design and Cal-Royal hardware brands for many years and have had very good feedback from users.. When using either of our house brand hardware, you will get a comparable product to the big name brand for a much lower price.

Design and Cal-Royal have Grade 1 and Grade 2 products, allowing you to choose what will fit into your job’s budget. We stand behind the quality and value of these products.

We can also order any type of hardware you might need, even if we do not stock it in our building. Duranotic Door has an enormous inventory and typically can ship out the next day.

We also stock weather strips, smoke seal, sweeps, and thresholds in many different colors and sizes. You can also count on us to have many different door shoes, sweeps, astragals & auto door bottoms, and much more in stock.

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