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Standard Model 2902-280000 (cast iron white porcelain) Bradex®  Standard Model 2902-287300 (steel-white epoxy) Bradex®  Standard Model 2902-287400 (stainless steel-satin finish) Bradex® Product Materials 2902-2800 COVER: 3 ⁄16″ (4.5 mm) thick one-piece cast iron; white porcelain enamel coating. 2902-2873 COVER: 1 ⁄16″ (1.5mm) thick one-piece steel; white epoxy finish. 2902-2874 COVER: 1 ⁄16″ (1.5mm) thick one-piece stainless steel; satin finish. Cover fixed to the base plate with two vandal-proof lock screws and lock with special key wrench. ADJUSTABLE MOTOR: universal-type with high-speed, universal brush, fully adjustable (3,800–8,200 RPM) potentiometer, Class A; Aluminium centrifugal double asymmetrical inlet fan wheel; aluminum scroll fan and safety thermal cut-off. HEATING ELEMENT: waved wire NiCr heating element mounted on a mica frame that incorporates a self-resetting thermal cut-off at 302ºF. ADJUSTABLE SENSOR OPERATION: electronic infrared detection sensor with fully adjustable (2″–8″) potentiometer. Includes polycarbonate viewing windows. Automatic shut-off after 60 seconds. BASE PLATE: 1 ⁄8″ (3 mm) thick aluminum, with four Ø 5 ⁄16″ (8 mm) holes for wall mounting. Includes silent blocking to dampen mechanical vibrations. Installation Verify all rough-in dimensions prior to installation. Hand dryers require a dedicated circuit and must be properly grounded. GFI Circuit protection is recommended. One side of dryer should be mounted to a stud. Operation Place hands 3″–6″ below nozzle to activate air flow. Dryer will stop two seconds after hands are removed from air flow. R

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2902-28, 2902-2873, 2902-2874