6315 Sensor-Operated Soap Dispenser

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Bradley 6315 Sensored Soap Dispenser

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Bradley model 6315

Reliable Battery Infrared Metering Activation LED Light Indicators for Low Battery & Low Soap Refill 5½” Spout ADA Compliant  Model 6315-KT0000 Starter Kit — Bradex® Includes Model 6315 Soap Dispenser, One Bottle of Soap (1000-shot) and Four Alkaline “D”-cell Batteries.  Model 6315 Soap Dispenser (only) — Bradex® Soap bottle not included. Must be ordered separately. Product Materials SPOUT ASSEMBLY: chrome-plated plastic. Has LED light indicators: Yellow flashing light = low battery. Red flashing light = low soap. MOTOR ASSEMBLY: plastic. Soap cartridge size is set for 1000-shot (27-oz.) bottle. If using 2000-shot (54-oz.) bottle, move switch located under rubber plug (by red reset button) to 2K. Once soap cartridge is installed, press refill reset button (red). This will automatically prime the soap refill bottle and initiate counting mechanism. BATTERY BOX: plastic, holds 4 “D”-cell alkaline batteries included with Starter Kit 6315-KT0000. Operation Place hands under soap spout and hold for approximately two seconds. Spout will dispense lotion soap with moisturizer. Soap Refills Bradley offers lotion soap with moisturizer. 1000-shot bottle (P19-232B) or 2000-shot bottle (P19-232A) in case quantity only (4 bottles per case). Bottles are not refillable. Installation Verify all rough-in dimensions prior to installation. Mount dispenser in 1″ diameter hole in lavatory or countertop 1½” from edge of sink. Shank will accommodate a maximum counter thickness of 2″. Place (4) “D”-cell alkaline batteries (included in Starter Kit) into battery box. Plug battery box into motor assembly. Remove white clip from bottom of spout assembly. Insert soap bottle supply tube through spout assembly. Twist and lock soap bottle onto bottom of spout assembly. Attach white clip to bottom of spout assembly and top of soap bottle. Press and release reset (red) button located on spout assembly. Guide Specification Sensor-operated soap dispenser spout assembly shall be fabricated of chromeplated plastic and have LED indicators for low soap and low battery. Soap dispenser shall be able to dispense 0.027-oz. of lotion soap with moisturizer. SOAP BOTTLE REFILL DIMENSIONS Capacity A B 27 oz. 1000 shots 9″ (299 mm) 3¼” (83 mm) 54 oz. 2000 shots 10½” (267 mm) 41 ⁄16″ (103 mm) ADA Compliant Consult local and national accessibility codes for proper installation guidelines. Conformity and compliance to local and national codes is the responsibility of the installer.

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